This is the documentation for the development version of DTK. There may be significant differences from the latest stable release. Please follow this link if you are looking for DTK 3.0


This section provide guidelines for installing DataTransferKit and its TPLs.

Install third-party libraries

The following third party libraries (TPLs) are used by DTK:

Packages Dependency Version
Boost Required 1.61.0
MPI Required N/A
Trilinos Required 12.X
Google Benchmark Required (if examples are enabled) 1.4


DTK is built as an external package of Trilinos. Thus, DTK needs the source of the Trilinos library rather than an installed version.

The dependencies of DataTransferKit may be built using Spack package manager. You need to install the following packages:

$ spack install openblas
$ spack install boost
$ spack install mpi
$ spack install benchmark

Once installed, the module files for the packages must be loaded into the environment by doing

$ spack load openblas
$ spack load boost
$ spack load openmpi
$ spack load benchmark

DTKData repository

The DTKData repository contains mesh files used in DTK examples. To build the examples and include the mesh files include the git submodule with your cloned repository:

$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

Another way to achieve this is to pass the --recursive option to the git clone command which will automatically initialize and update DTKData in the DataTransferKit repository.

You can also download the DTKData repository yourself and then, link it into DTK directory:

$ cd $DTK_DIR
$ ln -s $DTKDATA_DIR DTKData

Building DTK

DTK is configured and built using TriBITS. DTK builds within Trilinos effectively as an extension package. First, link DTK into the Trilinos main directory:

$ ln -s $DTK_DIR DataTransferKit

Create a do-configure script such as:


cmake \
    -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release \
    -D TPL_ENABLE_Boost=ON \
    -D Trilinos_EXTRA_REPOSITORIES="DataTransferKit" \
    -D Trilinos_ENABLE_DataTransferKit=ON \
    -D DataTransferKit_ENABLE_DBC=ON \
    -D DataTransferKit_ENABLE_TESTS=ON \
    -D DataTransferKit_ENABLE_EXAMPLES=ON \

and run it from your build directory:

$ mkdir build && cd build
$ ../do-configure

More install scripts can be found in scripts/.


The above do-configure script may get outdated. You can always refer to scripts/docker_cmake which is used in the Jenkins CI builds and therefore is required to be always up-to-date.

Build this documentation

Building documentation requires sphinx. (Re)configure with -D DataTransferKit_ENABLE_ReadTheDocs=ON and run:

$ make docs

Open the index.html in the directory DataTransferKit/docs/html.

Generate Doxygen documentation

Configure with -D DataTransferKit_ENABLE_Doxygen=ON and run:

$ make doxygen

Checkout DataTransferKit/docs/doxygen/html/index.html.